Play is the highest form of research

– Albert Einstein

The Twin Cities Community Pre-School (TCCP) is a play-based, parent participatory pre-school in Corte Madera. We provide our students an indoor and outdoor learning experience that encourages fun and exploration. We create a playful environment where children can explore new ideas, interact and problem solve with peers, learn communication skills and develop creativity. At TCCP, each student is provided opportunities to try new challenges in a safe, supportive environment. Founded in 1946 by a group of mother’s who wanted an alternative to traditional childhood education methods, TCCP continues to offer its students and community a unique pre-school experience benefiting both the child and parent.




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March 13 - March 27


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April 1st, 7pm - 11pm


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May 6th, 10am - 12pm



About Our School


We are a play-based school with a strong focus on outdoor education and learning. Parents enrich the morning program.



Learn more about our parent participatory morning program, afternoon Stay and Play program with enrichment classes and summer camp. 


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