TCCP, formerly known as the Twin Cities Co-Op,  provides an indoor and outdoor learning experience that encourages fun and exploration. We create a playful environment where children can explore new ideas, interact and problem solve with peers, learn communication skills and develop creativity. Our play-based approach allows us to create a variety of activities and centers that provide opportunities to learn skills in math, science, literacy, gross and fine motor development.


Art gives children an opportunity to expand their creative expression and imagination as well as experience the joy of art. We encourage self-directed art projects using a variety of recyclable and natural materials.

Language Arts begin with our morning circle and are woven throughout the day with opportunities to play in the dramatic play area and other centers throughout the school. Children may borrow from our extensive library.

Gardening and cooking with the vegetables and fruit we harvest on site, provide our children the opportunity to learn about their environment and their impact on it.

Our playground is a wonderful environment filled with play structures, tricycles, sandbox, pirate ship with lookout deck, sensory garden, playhouse, art easels and interactive water structure.

Enrichment teachers share their talents of music, yoga, dance, Spanish and singing with the children on a monthly basis.

Parent Participation

Parents enrich the program by contributing their time, commitment, talent and skills. Their participation ensures the smooth operation of a high-quality program.

  • Parent-Teachers – One morning per week, parent-teachers direct lesson plans, read stories and lead group activities under the guidance of our Director.
  • Meetings – Mandatory monthly business meetings convene the 1st Tuesday of every month. Parent education nights are scheduled monthly throughout the year.
  • Maintenance Hours – In addition to a scheduled weekly workday, approximately 60 hours per year are required from each family. Hours are earned through weekend cleanings, fundraising events, assigned chair positions and miscellaneous jobs.


Maureen Johnstone began teaching at TCCP in 2003 and became the director of the school in 2004. She is committed to the founding mission of the school. Through her effective leadership she guides both children and parents to create a community spirit that is lifelong.  Maureen is passionate about children learning through creative play in a nature based preschool environment.

Over the past nine years, she has worked closely with parents at the TCCP to design and implement beautiful learning environments both inside and in our outside gardens and play areas. Continually drawing inspiration from the community, she fosters a dynamic, unique and creative learning experience for both children and parents.

Maureen lives in Fairfax, CA where she enjoys hiking, swimming and biking with her husband, daughter and dog.  She shares her love of the outdoors, music and the world with children.