Parent Participatory Morning Program


TCCP offers four-day and five-day morning programs:  Children on the five-day plan attend school every morning Monday through Friday, while children on the four-day plan attend four mornings per week with an assigned day off.

Each morning, 5 or 6 parents come to school with their child.  These parent-teachers work with the director and professional staff to help make the school an engaging, educational environment for the children.  This includes helping to set up and run the day's activities (such as arts-and-crafts, story time, science experiments, etc), preparing a light snack, or supervising the playground.  Each parent brings their own set of skills and interests to the school, with parent-teacher duties tailored to bring out each parent's strengths. 

The director and professional staff are always on-site, supervising activities and working side-by-side with parents.  The result is a preschool with an extraordinary teacher/child ratio of 3-to-1 or better:  Each day sees 24 children learning from one director, 3-4 professional teachers, and 5-6 parent-teachers.


Sample Daily Schedule:

Every day is different and tailored to weather, staffing, and the children in attendance, but a typical day might proceed like this:

8:30a – 9:10a:  Parent-teachers arrive with their children.  Parent-teachers meet with the director to discuss the day’s activities and goals.  Activities are prepared, and remaining children begin arriving at 9am.

9:10a – 9:30a:  Morning Circle.  The day begins with school-wide greetings, songs, and stories led by the director.  Birthdays are celebrated, children show-and-tell, and the day's activities are colorfully explained to the kids.

9:30a – 10:30a:  Free-choice time.  Children follow their interests throughout the school, freely choosing activities that interest them.  Through play, children explore and master their environment; learning occurs via experimentation, discovery, and social interaction.  Parent-teachers supervise activities in their assigned areas.

10:30a – 11:00a:  Snacktime.  Children enjoy a family-style snack time in small groups by age.  They are encouraged to practice everyday life skills, such as requesting and passing food, pouring water, and cleaning up after themselves.  Conversational skills develop naturally from the social setting.  Staff and parent-teachers supervise the meal and keep the conversation going.

11:00a – 11:30a:  Small Group Activities.  Children go with their lunch groups to focused, age-appropriate activities such as story time, games, crafts, journal writing, etc.

11:30a – 12:00a:  Outside play or enrichment classes.  Staff and parent-teachers debrief to discuss the lessons learned that day and prepare the school for the next morning.

12:00p – 4:00p:  Pickup.  Children who participate in the optional Stay ‘N Play program may stay until 4pm.



Monthly tuition for the 2019-2020 school year is $350 for the four-day plan, with an annual $120 materials fee and $260 donation requirement. 

Families on the 5-day plan pay $455 per month in tuition, with a $130 materials fee and $325 donation requirement.